Continuum of Disease


Dynamics of Dissociation

The Personality System

Making the Diagnosis

Common Presentations of MPD



Nursing Implication

Cast Studies



Post Examination


            As can be seen from the text, Multiple Personality Disorder is a difficult diagnosis to make and then to treat.  Patients diagnosed with this disorder have already experienced many years of pain and difficulty, and will have years of arduous work ahead of them.  Nurses working with such patients will experience the greatest challenges they have ever faced in a psychiatric setting, which can prove to be some of the most interesting and rewarding experiences, as well.

            Psychiatric professionals have made much progress in the past two decades in understanding and treating the disorder, and there are still many more gains to be made.  Acceptance of this controversial diagnosis is increasing and information made more and more available through controlled studies by the experts.  As appropriate treatment is applied to appropriate patients, more success will be documented, thus adding to the credibility of Multiple Personality Disorder.

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