OSHA - Bloodborne Pathogens: Post-Exposure Control Plan

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1. Each exposure incident must be documented.

  a. True

  b. False

2. The source individual:

  a. Must be tested.

  b. Must be asked to be tested.

  c. Should never be asked to be tested.

3. The instrument of exposure should immediately be removed from the operatory.

  a. True

  b. False

4. The exposed employee's wound should:

  a. Be squeezed.

  b. Washed with soap and water.

  c. Washed with disinfectant.

5. The exposed employee must go for testing.

  a. True

  b. False

6. Ideally, the source patient should be tested:

  a. Within the first month.

  b. Within the first week.

  c. Within the first 2 hours.

7. The exposed employee should go to his/ her personal physician.

  a. True

  b. False

8. If there is a question of which patient's instruments caused the exposure:

  a. We should test all of the patients that we suspect.

  b. We should ask all of the patients that we suspect to be tested.

  c. We should not ask anyone to be tested.

9. With an exposure to a documented HIV+ patient we will be:

  a. Almost certain to acquire HIV.

  b. Likely to acquire HIV.

  c. Very unlikely to acquire HIV.

10. Being exposed to a sterile instrument is considered a bloodborne exposure.

  a. True

  b. False