Sterilization & Disinfection of Instruments

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1. Mechanical ways to clean instruments are:

  a. ultrasonic

  b. instrument disinfector

  c. hand scrubbing

  d. a and b

  e. none of the above

2. Latex exam gloves are permitted for disinfection.

  a. True

  b. False

3. The ultrasonic should have a biohazard label.

  a. True

  b. False

4. There is no need to place instruments in pouches.

  a. True

  b. False

5. Types of sterilizers are the following:

  a. autoclave and statim

  b. autoclave and dry heat

  c. dry heat and statim

  d. liquid and autoclave

  e. a, b, and c

6. The chemical indicator strip shows

  a. enough heat

  b. enough pressure

  c. both heat and pressure

7. Instruments must be inspected after the cleaning process.

  a. True

  b. False

8. Utility gloves are the only items needed for the process.

  a. True

  b. False

9. Instruments in sterilized pouches remain sterile for:

  a. one week

  b. one day

  c. one month

  d. until they are opened or the pouch is damaged

10. Spore testing of each sterilizer must be done:

  a. daily

  b. with each load

  c. monthly

  d. weekly