Patient Records: HIPPA & HITECH Best Practices in Dentistry

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1. SOAP notes include all of the following except:

  a. The patient's description of his or her health condition and history.

  b. X-rays, examination notes, and test findings.

  c. Record\'s disclosure date

  d. Recommended treatment options.

2. Upon written request, patients have the right to receive copies of their records within:

  a. 30 days

  b. 10 days

  c. Immediately

  d. 5 days

3. When a patient’s request for records amendment is granted, you must destroy all previous notes whic may be contradictory to amendments.

  a. True

  b. False

4. This entity is entitled to full access to patient records:

  a. Employers

  b. Former associate dentists

  c. Parents

  d. Payors

5. Subpoenas are valid if all but which of the following are true:

  a. Issued by the court

  b. Personally served on you

  c. Addressed to you

  d. Contains a date specified for producing records that is at least 15 after issuance.

6. Disclosure logs must be retained for:

  a. 7 years

  b. 6 years

  c. 10 years

  d. 5 years

7. Healthcare providers are required to notify patients when an actual or suspected breach of personal health or financial information has occurred.

  a. True

  b. False

8. Un-emancipated minor's records shall be kept at least one year after the minor has reached the age of 18 years, and in any case, not less than seven years.

  a. True

  b. False

9. Best practices for transferring records in a dental practice sale require dental practitioners to transfer responsibility and liability for proper storage and disposal of records to a new practice owner, but do not require previous owners’ continued access to those records.

  a. True

  b. False

10. A summary of records may only be prepared:

  a. By a HIPPA covered entity

  b. If a patient approves the action in advance

  c. Within 15 working days from date of request

  d. By former associate dentist