California Dental Practice Act: 2 Hour Course

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1. The Dental Board has the authority to issue administrative citations and fines.

  a. True

  b. False

2. Direct supervision by the dentist means:

  a. The dentist must be somewhere in the State of California during the performance of the procedure by the auxiliary.

  b. The dentist must be physically present in the office during the procedure.

  c. The dentist must be directly involved in ordering the performance of the procedure.

  d. b and c

  e. none of the above.

3. General supervision means that the dentist orders the auxiliary to perform certain functions that they are licensed to do. The dentist does not need to be physically present in the facility at the time of the function.

  a. True

  b. False

4. Which of the following dental assisting procedures must be performed under the direct supervision of a licensed dentist?

  a. Taking impressions for diagnostic and opposing models.

  b. Removal of sutures.

  c. Holding anterior matrices.

  d. All of the above.

5. The registered dental hygienist may perform which of the following procedures under the general supervision of a licensed dentist?

  a. Oral prophylaxis.

  b. Administration of local anesthetics.

  c. Administration of nitrous oxide-oxygen sedation.

  d. Debridement of a periodontal surgical site.

6. Any licentiate convicted of knowingly presenting a fraudulent claim to an insurance company can have their license revoked or suspended.

  a. True

  b. False

7. All licenses must be renewed every ______ year(s) or they expire.

  a. One

  b. Two

  c. Ten

  d. Dental licenses never expire.

8. Special permits are required for the administration of general anesthesia or conscious sedation.

  a. True

  b. False

9. Patients are entitled to a copy of their dental records and may attain a copy of both x-rays and files by:

  a. Notifying the dentist in writing.

  b. Paying a reasonable fee not to exceed the original cost.

  c. Receiving the copies in person

  d. a and b.

10. The Board may reduce the renewal fee for any dentist who has practiced dentistry in California for 20 years or more, has reached retirement age, and who doesn't charge for their services.

  a. True

  b. False