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`1. A sample of frogs taken from a lake to measure the effect of pollution from a nearby factory on the frogs is ____________ research.

  a. observational

  b. experimental

  c. ethical

  d. all 3

2.. Randomly testing 200 players to estimate the % of players who use steroids utilizes a ____________________ approach.

  a. census

  b. sample

  c. nominal

  d. ordinal

3.. The number of rings on a 4-year old oak tree is 40. This is what type of research?

  a. continuous

  b. discrete

  c. indefinite

  d. all 3

4.. A sample of 30 employees of a Costco store. Finding that their average age is 39 is a _____________________.

  a. parameter

  b. statistic

  c. interval

  d. nominal

5.. A sample of bread categorized from lightest to darkest.

  a. ordinal

  b. interval

  c. nominal

  d. ratio

6.. Data about hand injuries form hospital records for the last 5 years.

  a. cross-sectional

  b. ratio

  c. retrospective

  d. prospective

7.. To obtain a sample of Canadians by interviewing 200 people from each province.

  a. wrong method

  b. right method

  c. sometimes right

  d. sometimes wrong

8.. A teacher asks half of her students how many hours they study.

  a. census

  b. sample

  c. both right

  d. both wrong

9.. Joe studies the relationship between stock prices and earnings per share to select a stock.

  a. experimental

  b. observational

  c. both

  d. neither

10.. Joe tests 200 men to estimate the % of men that use alcohol.

  a. census

  b. sample

  c. type

  d. kind of