Deep Learning

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1. _______ provides nurses with a perspective with which to view client situations, a way to organize the hundreds of data bits encountered in the day-to-day care of clients, and a way to analyze and interpret the information.

  a. application

  b. research

  c. theory

  d. reality

2. The critical component in choosing a nursing theory for an organization is the _______________ between the philosophical assumptions of the organization and the theory.

  a. fit

  b. relationship

  c. difference

  d. similarity

3. People kept waiting may feel devalued, while being on time is a sign of respect.

  a. True

  b. False

4. A classic text by _____ conveyed the image of nurses as managers of the environment for the purpose of promoting health and preventing complications of disease.

  a. Broun

  b. Nightingale

  c. Nightsinger

  d. Einstein

5. A goal is a simple but powerful way to motivate people and communicate ______________.

  a. ideas

  b. priorities

  c. plans

6. Designed to offer pre-employment training for young people aged _____. Traineeships will aim to provide a combination of focused periods of work preparation with work placements and further training in English and Math.

  a. 12-18

  b. 14-16

  c. 15-22

  d. 16-24

7. The book of Job has traditionally has been regarded as a philosophical or theological treatise on the nature of faith of a _______ man in an unjust world.

  a. unjust

  b. just

  c. bad

  d. harmful

8. Job's lament contains all the recognized stages and elements of adaptation to ______.

  a. calamity

  b. new situations

  c. old situations

  d. all 3

9. Job's friends take on the role of healers, but, fail to recognize his ______ .

  a. plans

  b. desires

  c. needs

  d. none of the 3.

10. Job is perhaps the earliest description of patients and healers struggling through the universal process of ______ with loss and illness.

  a. dealing

  b. working

  c. coping

  d. all 3