Marijuana Impact

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1. The main active chemical in marijuana is ___.

  a. DTH

  b. THC

  c. TGC

  d. all 3

2. There are ___ medications available currently for treating marijuana abuse.

  a. some

  b. many

  c. no

  d. few

3. From 1993 to 2000, the number of emergency room emergency room marijuana mentions more than ___.

  a. tripled

  b. doubled

  c. quadrupled

  d. quintupled

4. Harvard University researchers report that the risk of heart attacks is ___ times higher than usual in the hour after smoking marijuana.

  a. 3

  b. 4

  c. 5

  d. 6

5. Marijuana leads to the use of illegal drugs like ___.

  a. cocaine

  b. heroin

  c. both a and b

  d. neither a or b

6. Marijuana has _d__ medical value that cannot be met more effectively by legal drugs.

  a. some

  b. little

  c. much

  d. no

7. Those adolescents who used marijuana weekly were ___ times more likely than nonusers to say they had stolen from places other than home.

  a. 2

  b. 3

  c. 4

  d. 5

8. Within a few minutes after inhaling marijuana smoke, an individual heart begins beating more ___.

  a. irregular

  b. slowly

  c. rapidly

  d. stronger

9. ______ is a brain chemical connected with marijuana.

  a. dopamine

  b. pot

  c. marijuana

  d. alcohol

10. Marijuana impairs a person's ability to form ___.

  a. words

  b. pictures

  c. memories

  d. reports

11. Marijuana is a ___ addictive drug that poses significant health threats to users.

  a. dangerous

  b. non-dangerous

  c. helpful

  d. fatal

12. Marijuana is mainly a mix of marijuana flowers, stems and ____.

  a. fruit

  b. leaves

  c. roots

  d. nuts