Alcohol Problems

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1. Long-term effects of heavy alcohol use include ______.

  a. greater appetite

  b. vitamin deficiencies

  c. mineral surplus

  d. protein deficiency

2. Short-term effects of alcohol use include distorted ___.

  a. vision

  b. hearing

  c. coordination

  d. all 3

3. "Have you ever felt you should cut down on your drinking?" is one of the questions in a series called ___.

  a. CAGE

  b. DRINK

  c. CATE

  d. CALL

4. Alcoholism is ___.

  a. problem drinking

  b. alcohol dependence

  c. excessive drinking

  d. binge drinking

5. Alcohol is a ___.

  a. stimulant

  b. depressant

  c. hallucinating agent

  d. all 3

6. It takes ___ hours to eliminate 1 pint of beer from the system.

  a. 1/2

  b. 1

  c. 2

  d. 3

7. About ___% of heavy drinkers develop alcoholic cirrhosis or scaring of the liver.

  a. 20

  b. 30

  c. 40

  d. 50

8. Long-term heavy drinking increases the risk of developing cancer of the ___.

  a. esophagus

  b. mouth

  c. throat

  d. all 3

9. ___ % of adults surveyed in California said they would be somewhat willing to pay higher taxes to make better services available through substance abuse programs.

  a. 40

  b. 50

  c. 75

  d. 85

10. Most alcohol that people drink enters the bloodstream though the ___.

  a. stomach

  b. small intestines

  c. large intestines

  d. bladder

11. In binge drinking, individuals consume ___ drinks at one occasion.

  a. 4

  b. 5

  c. 6

  d. 7

12. The AA approach uses_____.

  a. 7 steps

  b. 10 steps

  c. 12 steps

  d. 12 steps and 12 traditions