SmokeFree in 3 Weeks

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1. Nicotine use is a(n) ___.

  a. addiction

  b. habit

  c. healthy recreation

  d. legitimate stress management tool

2. A good reason to stop smoking is ___.

  a. health

  b. second-hand smoke

  c. money

  d. all 3

3. By smoking, pregnant mothers may hurt ___.

  a. their babies

  b. themselves

  c. their families

  d. all 3

4. Your FreeDay is the day you ___.

  a. plan to quit

  b. quit

  c. consider quitting

  d. stay free to plan quitting

5. The more ____ you have, the better your chances of quitting.

  a. planning

  b. resources

  c. counseling

  d. money

6. Exercise may reduce your ___.

  a. stress

  b. time to smoke

  c. time to think about smoking

  d. none of the 3

7. A withdrawal symptom is_______.

  a. hunger

  b. restlessness

  c. anger

  d. all 3

8. Nicotine replacement therapy should be used ___.

  a. with cold turkey

  b. with counseling

  c. alone

  d. in special cases only

9. Cold Turkey is ___way to stop smoking.

  a. everyone's best

  b. an optional

  c. the only good

  d. nearly always an unsuccessful

10. Smokers under the age of ___ should consult with their doctor before using nicotine replacement therapy.

  a. 12

  b. 15

  c. 18

  d. 21

11. Cravings may be managed by using ___.

  a. carrots

  b. coffee

  c. alcohol

  d. hamburgers

12. Most relapses happen within ___ months after quitting

  a. 1

  b. 2

  c. 3

  d. 4