Preventive Hand Hygiene

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1. Healthcare Workers should wash their hands _______________.

  a. When their hands are visibly soiled

  b. After skin contact with blood or other body fluids

  c. Prior to eating or drinking

  d. When contact with spores such as C. Difficile or B Anthracis is likely to have occurred

  e. All of the above

2. The germs on hands are removed by __________.

  a. rubbing

  b. warm water

  c. soap

  d. all 3

3. Use ___ to turn off the water after handwashing.

  a. hands

  b. towel

  c. elbow

  d. any of the 3

4. Keep your hands always away from your ____. That is where most germs enter.

  a. eyes

  b. nose

  c. mouth

  d. any of the 3

5. In 1846, ____ noted that women whose babies were delivered in the First Clinic at the General Hospital in Vienna had a higher mortality rate than those in the Second Clinic.

  a. Homes

  b. Semmelweis

  c. Jones

  d. Anderson

6. The primary function of ___ is to reduce water loss, protect against microorganisms etc.

  a. skin

  b. hair

  c. hands

  d. lips

7. ____ can be prevented by hand washing.

  a. cancer

  b. hepatitis A

  c. hepatitis B

  d. all 3

8. One out of ___ people do not wash their hands after using the restroom.

  a. 2

  b. 3

  c. 4

  d. 5

9. ____ based hand rubs reduce the number of microorganisms on skin are fast-acting, and cause less skin irritation.

  a. soap

  b. chlorine

  c. alcohol

  d. all 3

10. Skin underneath rings is more ___ colonized by germs than fingers without rings.

  a. heavily

  b. lightly

  c. seldom

  d. often

11. The majority of flora on the hands are found around the ___.

  a. fingers

  b. palm

  c. fingernails

  d. wrist

12. Some viruses and bacteria can live up to ___ hours on tables, doorknobs and desks.

  a. 1

  b. 2

  c. 3

  d. 4