Hospice Support: Pace, Comfort

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1. patients must have a life expectancy of ___ months or less and sign a statement before choosing hospice care

  a. 4

  b. 6

  c. 8

  d. 10

2. Hospice care focuses on controlling ____ .

  a. pain

  b. high blood pressure

  c. symptoms of diseases

  d. loneliness

3. A hospice team member is on-call 24 hours a day, __ days a week to provide support

  a. 4

  b. 5

  c. 6

  d. 7

4. Substantially all hospice core services (physician services, Nursing services, medical social services and counseling) must be routinely provided directly by hospice employees and cannot be ____ (42 CFR 418.80).

  a. ignored

  b. minimized

  c. delegated

  d. substituted

5. The first level of care is___ home care

  a. special

  b. normal

  c. routine

  d. limited

6. The highest level of care is ___ .

  a. general inpatient care

  b. special inpatient care

  c. general care

  d. end care

7. The hospice ___ provide physician services.

  a. must

  b. may

  c. can

  d. may not