End of Life with Palliative Services

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1. Worldwide, in 1990, the % who died at home was ___.

  a. 77

  b. 80

  c. 89

  d. 95

2. The goal of Palliative Care (PC) is ___ of life.

  a. length

  b. quality

  c. painlessness

  d. peacefulness

3. PC in relation to death ___.

  a. hastens it

  b. postpones it

  c. helps it along

  d. none of the 3

4. An Advance Directive should be completed by ___.

  a. some people

  b. all over people 60 years of age

  c. most people

  d. all people

5. Pain can be managed by ___.

  a. massage

  b. hot packs

  c. medication

  d. all 3

6. Dyspnea relates to ___.

  a. seeing

  b. blood pressure

  c. breathing

  d. pulse

7. In death, the skin may turn ___.

  a. red

  b. green

  c. purple

  d. none of the 3

8. The last sense to leave is ________.

  a. hearing

  b. smelling

  c. seeing

  d. tasting

9. Spiritual PC deals with dying ___________.

  a. painlessly

  b. peacefully

  c. comfortably

  d. fast

10. Central to spiritual PC is ___.

  a. respect

  b. religion

  c. prayer

  d. rituals

11. Denial is _________ helpful.

  a. never

  b. always

  c. sometimes

  d. none of the 3

12. Anger should be ___.

  a. respected

  b. understood

  c. accepted

  d. all 3